Tumors Get Stung By Nanobees

bee stingTreating cancers with bee venom. From Washington University in St. Louis come this story on how cancer may have a new nemesis in the form of bee venom.

Researchers there have reported some very positive results in the treatment of two types of cancer with the use of nanospheres delivering the effective ingredient in bee venom, melittin, directly to the cancerous regions. Mellitin, the toxin, had long been a sustance of interest to researchers due to it’s destructive properities to cellular structures. Targeted delivery via the nanospheres, which are readily passed through the bloodstream, along with an additive that makes the spheres particularly attracted to affected tissue has resulted in either the slowing of the growth of tumors or a signifigant decrease in their size.

And I thought the only good bee was a dead bee.

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