W.Va. dad makes son cannon for birthday.  

cannonAlright kiddos, time to start thinking about your wish list for Santa Claus this year. How about a howitser?

The Charleston Daily Mail is reporting that a local father has made a real working cannon for his eleven year old son as a birthday gift. The cannon, which weighs 700lbs and looks like a piece of civil war field artillary, is the real deal. Fill it up with powder, light the fuse and you don’t get a little firecracker pop, you get a window shattering kabooom that could rouse civil war veterans buried in cemeteries three counties away.

Mike Daugherty, who is a machinist by trade,  said his son is very mature and would be able to handle the responsibility of owning a piece of artillery.

“He’s a good kid. One thing about my son he has a great respect for guns and weapons, so he will not be firing this anytime soon without an adult present.”

Gosh  dad, can I have a rail gun next birthday?

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