@!%$#&*$ Brilliant, LED Wrenches

wrench girlWell it isn’t as eloquent as the Band-Aid but if you can see into those dark, twisted corners maybe you won’t scrape your knuckles to begin with. But do you truly deserve a patent for putting a light on a wrench, or in a glove or in a hat brim? Well maybe the hat brim, thanks kids, I can find my way in the dark now.

San Diego gearhead and inventor Clifford Wright puts LED’s into hats and gloves, sticks magnets to LED’s and now he’s selling wrenches with lights that help you find that nut so you can be sure you’ve got a good grip on it before you apply every ounce of strength you have, (maybe it’s a leftie), in a futile attempt to break it loose.

Handy, yes. Would I buy a set? Well, hack practitioner that I am, probably not. Not when Harbor Freight sells LED’s by the barrelful and wrench sets cheaper than frisbies at a hippie fest. But then again, they all told Mr. Dickson, er Mr. Johnson & Johnson that they’s stick thier own guaze squares to adhesive tape, thank you very much.

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