Internet Addiction Clinic Opens in Seattle

computerThe United States has it’s first official internet addiction clinic and it’s located in a suburb of Seattle, Redmond  Washington, near the headquarters of Microsoft? Well a clinic like this is long overdue, as anyone who’s ever spent time on the internet can tell you, there’s a lot of sick people out there.

The facility, called ReStart specializes in treating bad cases of, (hold on gotta new tweet), internet obsession. (tweet was about my bff’s facebook pic, brb) So the program is a residence type treatment center where the afflicted, not me lol, go to break the vapid cycle of flat-screen fixation. (1sec, fresh IM from, lordrandall63) Patients go cold turkey, no cell phones, lattes, eeepc’s or WoW allowed. Upon succesful completion of the program each patient recieves a small flat rock that says “See Other Side” on both sides.

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