Rocket Man, Transport to the Future

rocketmanNASA hasn’t got anything on this guy. You name it, Ky Michaelson’s put a rocket on it. Functional, yes, in a deadly sort of way. Hasn’t the problem with personal jetpacks always been that they’ll not only give you a lift off at an exhilarating speed but also pile drive you into the ground at well above terminal velocity.
Not only does he rig sleds and wheelchairs to break the sound barrier, he does it with style. His creations are some of the slickest constructs you’ll ever see outside of a museum. And should you wish to build one yourself he’ll fix you up with hydrogen peroxide fuel that’ll eat a hole through a grapefruit, the plate and table it’s sitting on, the floor below and the 68 muscle car in the garage before the concrete stops it, (maybe).
So all ye backyard intenters, start cutting up the furniture and rigging the propane tank off the barbecue to the lawnmower engine, strap it onto the bicycle, (don’t forget your helmet!), and live by RocketMan’s motto.  “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re just taking up space.”

Josh, this one’s for you.

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  • 2009/12/09 at 21:52

    What in the world is that a picture of? I’ll tell ya, its one heck of an awesome looking outfit thats what im talking about baby!!

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