Australian Dust Storms Predict The End Is Near

dust storm2Australians must feel like the end is near,  huge ugly cane toads, as big as old school telephones, litter the roads. Monstrous rat like creatures, with fat long tails, and wearing boxing gloves belligerently  roam the countryside carrying their children  with them in pouches made of their own skin.  Gasoline is in such short supply that mutant gangs in mullets rage and pillage about the highways, killing for sport. The seas are full of hungry vicious sharks, and ivory toothed crocodiles, as large as the  vehicles small American women drive while rabid wild dogs, dingos, snatch babies from the cradles of erstwhile ranchers wives.  A frightening country to live in.

And now the skies are darkening and red dust clouds the skies, a grainy  abrasive grit covers everything, choking lungs, blinding the eyes, scratching the heck out of DVDs.

The dust storm began in western New South Wales on 22 September 2009, blacking out Broken Hill at about 3:30 pm. At least one mine was shut down.  It was also witnessed in Cowra.

The storm appeared over Canberra and the surrounding region by mid morning on 22 September 2009 before being washed away by overnight rain.

It was reported that the dust set off smoke alarms across the state and prompted increased demand for emergency services.  Asthma sufferers were hospitalised.   Rain was also reported to have resulted,  with cricket ball-sized hailstones falling.  The dust storm moved from Sydney to the Coffs Harbour region just after 7am, until it finally hit the Clarence Valley at about 8:30am.

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