Gas Pedal Stuck?

is thst what i think i seeWhat to do when the gas pedal sticks. Of course it wouldn’t be a big deal if most drivers weren’t incorrigible leadfoot, stomp on the gas, mash the brake, fail to signal, hang on, think I dropped my (cellphone, sandwich, lipstick, magazine, baby) kinda drivers anyway. After all, if the gas pedal was only a little depressed, no, we won’t go there, there would be ample time to kill the ignition, use the brakes, steer it calmly out of harms way, bail out at low speed, and/or hand off the baby.

Heck yeah Toyota has to shoulder some blame, and pay for the changes, but maybe this is a good time to get a grip on the big issues of piloting an automobile.


  • Nothing is perfect, least of all an extraordinarily complex machine.
  • All  of  Murphy’s  Laws  can be  applicable in any given instance.
  • It  is the pilots  responsibility  to  ascertain the  road worthiness  of  the  vehicle.
  • People  rarely weigh over three hundred pounds.
  • A  horsepower  is defined as the ability to lift  550 pounds one foot off the ground in one second.
  • A lawnmower engine rarely is rated below 3 horsepower.
  • What’s your hurry? It’s not like hell is gonna run out of parking spaces.

Somewhere out there is a Toyota driver, mad as heck but driving a car that would never, ever have had a gas pedal problem and he’s wondering if he can get in on some class action suit, and use the money t0 get a Corvette and some Rogaine and he thinks he’s a great driver as he passes on the right, rolls through a right on red and blames the whole darn world for their selfish thoughtless ways, manufacturing a lemon. Yep, he shoulda hung on to that fine American hunk of Corvair iron.

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