Lohri Celebrated In Delhi,India on 13th Jan 2012

All Over India Lohri Festival was celebrated heavily on 13th Jan 2012 and most celebrated in a states Like punjab , Chandigarh, Ambala, Delhi , Haryana and other states. And most among celebrated people belonging to Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali and Oriya Comunity.

Many people believe the festival began as a celebration of the eve of the winter solstice. In the drum beats people dance and take round of the campfire.

Ashpilya Family Dancing at the beats

Among Sindhi’s the festival is popularly known as Lal loee. On the day of Lal Loee kids bring wood sticks from their grand parents and aunties and like a fire camp burnt these sticks in the night with people enjoying, dancing and playing around fire.


As Saying Lohri night is meant to be the longest night of the year and on the day after Lohri, day light is meant to increase.

Enjoying Camp Fire

Lohri is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops (agricultural crops sown in autumn and harvested in the winter). People take peanuts, rewri, flour, butter and various food items to places of religious worship to thank God for a good harvest.

Report By Seema Thakur

Photo by Arpit Gupta



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