3 Dirty Little Secrets

Every day, somewhere in the world, someone lets a dirty little secret slip. Could be something basic, simple, like Martin Luther nailing a prohibited idea whose time had come to a few church doors, could be an idea, just a coincidence that the mad ramblings of a crazed murderer with a grudge against technology sounded a lot like someones brother who lived in a remote cabin in Montana. Now that first nasty secret, that maybe we didn’t have to buy our salvation, turned out to be good for us, as a people, now we needed to thinks things through a bit. And Ted, the tinkerer whose brother thought he sounded a bit off, well that secret was better off as open knowledge as well. Now as for our dirty little whispers for the day, well we have some below, but before we spill them we’d like to say that even after they are open it’s doubtful they’ll have enough impact to change the way the world  thinks about it’s religious beliefs or even lead to the investigation of a hermit killer. Why? Because we are at risk of becoming a world of sheep. Because the flock doesn’t become alarmed anymore, a new wolf comes over the hillside and makes of with a lamb or two, (think serial killer), and, well, I didn’t personally know the lamb. All the car alarms have just left us annoyed. The threat levels go up and down and finally off and we don’t raise an eyebrow. We bail out the banks and the bankers get Christmas bonuses. Homer says, ” Ah, whadda ya gonna do?”

The Yellow Press strongly advocates insurrection. We post clues to the three following curiosities knowing that there are those with curiosity enough left to ferret out the truth and make the fur fly, let the chips fall where they may.

ThinThread – This is the name of the little program that started it all. Soon they, yes THEY, will know everything about you. Yes, everything. Think you’ve nothing to hide, maybe you don’t, for now. Sadly they already know almost everything, but they know so much they can’t use it all effectively.

Pakistan, Nukes and The Taliban – Ca-rumba, it made Newsweek and you still can’t figure it out? India isn’t that big a threat, nor do they need to to wear their gun outside their pants to get respect. If it looks like **it, and smells like **it we gonna wait till it’s served up hot on a plate?

Trademark, Copyright and Patent Law – When I was a kid a neighbor put a playing card on his bicycle with a clothespin to sound like a motorcycle. When I did it he claimed it was his idea and no one else could use it. Harley Davidson tried to patent the sound of their thunderous leakers. Someone patented a stick. (for dog fetching) When do the principles we were taught, that an artist could profit from their work, then it entered the lexicon, that ideas needed to be unique and revolutionary to be patented and came into the public domain if they were of strong benefit to society.

Just three of the thousands of wrongs committed daily we yawn at before we go back to grazing. Watch for more, or report one.


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Raised in obscurity and completely entranced with the notion that we should live our lives with the same valuable ethic that a conscientious hiker would, leaving no trace.

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