Lohan In 3D For SNL

Hot chihuahua Lindsay Lohan will shine in luxurious HD 3D in her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live if a petition launched by superfan and blogger Charles Ogler has its way. Ogler, a longtime fan who first became enamored of the eccentric star after a double dose of her talents in the movie “Parent Trap” began circulating the petition moments after last week’s airing of the weekend skit show popular with slacker loafers with nothing better to do on a Saturday night than to tune in to the old warhorse to see if anything entertaining could be beaten out the premise or its stable of writers. The announcement of Lohan’s upcoming hosting gig woke Ogler from the semi slumber induced by that evenings insipid musical guests, the Sleigh Bells, whose only redeeming qualities seemed to be the singers gams. “I started twitting right away.” Ogler says, “Can you imagine the added impact that 3D would have for her appearance? All the fan club members I talked to agreed with me so I launched a petition to see if we could get Mr. Moneybags Lorne Michaels to shake loose with a few shekels to make the historic occasion truly momentous.” Ogler went on to say that while he looks forward to seeing Ms. Lohan resurface in such a well known venue, he would gather so much more enjoyment from her exhibition if it was in full freckled 3D glory. Asked how many signatures he’s gathered to date, Ogler will only confirm that it’s a number no one could argue with. Calls to SNL media representatives have yet to be performed, so comments from the show are irrelevant at press time. It is the fond hope however of the members of the (Yellow) press that Mr. Ogles petition succeed and that Lohan’s appearance is allowed to bust out in full form. We need a star that has those star qualities and can put them out there for all to see.

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