George Zimmerman Innocent

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain, (self appointed) who reportedly shot and killed the teen Trayvon Martin should be cleared of all wrongdoing in the incident. Yes, things look bad for him now, after all he outweighed the teenager by 110 lbs that he pursued and gunned down. And even though he has a record of hyper-vigilante actions, patrolling the 7-11, calling the police 46 times last year alone. But he should be found innocent, after all this is Florida, cousin to Arizona where people who wear hoodies are not just suspect but we all know they are up to no good, they just aren’t indigenous to this country, and it happened in a gated community, and the police department made the call right off the bat, that the victims age and the bag of candy he had predisposed him to a life of malevolence, better to save the good taxpayers the hassle of an investigation.

But Zimmerman will be found innocent for the same reason gunslingers walked the dusty streets of the old west with impunity, they might have provoked the fight but they didn’t strike the first blow. I watch the westerns, the game is simple, a technicality will get you off every time. Bully your victim, push them into a corner, block their escape then kill them in self defense. Usually the rules include that they have a gun too, but what the heck, it’s all fictional in the land of hanging chads.

Of course by the end of Gunsmoke Marshall Dillon has set things right, locking the bully up or, more often, shooting them dead in one clean shot. We don’t get that kind of resolution here, in the land of the freely gun-toting puffed up with false bravado badge-happy bozos. Here we have court cases that drag on and eventually lead to drawn out mockeries of justice, witness OJ, Robert Blake, Robert Wagner, et al. Expect a non verdict in this matter, either way we won’t be disappointed.

(Editors note: Readers, wish this was a blithe frivolous little tidbit, but sometimes the news of the day just pisses me off.)

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