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2013-06-22 09.45.43Lancelote Rodrigues, born in Malacca and reside in Macau since 1935, where he arrived 12 years, died on Monday at the Hospital Kiang Wu, reported Radio Macau.

Son of a Portuguese father, Lancelot Rodrigues was born on December 21, 1923, died at age 89 years and leaves work on behalf of refugees. Came to be representative of the Macau High Commissioner for Refugees, which earned him a nomination for Hong Kong for the 2012 Nansen Award and an award from the Queen of England.

After completing his studies in philosophy and theology, Lancelot Rodrigues decided, at age 22, being a priest, and eventually ordained in 1949.

Known as the Father of refugees began his community work on behalf of people who came to Macau in search of a safe haven in 1950, when the then Bishop of Macau had him respond to the wave of Portuguese who arrived from Shanghai.

In an interview with Lusa, in June 2012, Lancelot Rodrigues recalled that there were up to three refugee centers with people of various conditions as in the case of the Portuguese Shanghai which, for some, was a humiliation, which was problem with blurring gatherings among all.

Relocated the Portuguese Shanghai in 1977 comes a new wave of refugees, the Vietnamese situation which lasted until 1991 and brought to Macau about 30,000 people.

Father Lancelote Miguel rodrigues, of Portuguese descent, was born in Malaca, Malaysia on 21st December 1923. The way he grew up was powerfully emblematic of the confluence of different cultures that is representative of Macao. Fhater Lancelote received his primary education in English in Malacca. Hethen came to Macao in November, 1935 to study theology at St. joseph´s Seminary. At the same time, he also studied Portuguese and Chinese. He was ordained priest on 6th October, 1949.

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  • 2013/07/15 at 05:55

    A good and long-time friend gone. I can still picture him in his room in 1981 and 1982 at the Catholic Centre at Rua de Praia Grande in Macau, sitting opposite the late Father Mesa. We shall meet on the beautiful shore,Lanc. Rest in Peace. Lim Chung Tat or C.T. Lim.

  • 2014/01/01 at 05:16

    Truth before his death had the opportunity to see and greet when he in a wheelchair but smiling. big man gets to his story. Thanks Lim ChungTat.

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