Google Device WILL Change Everything

Imagine an internet free of all restrictions. An internet that can’t be censored by any government. An internet no one has to pay to connect to, no monthly bills, no bandwidth restrictions, no data caps and no users fees. An internet devoid of all the frivolous bickering over copyright and intellectual property rights. (Well that may be overly optomistic.)

In an rumor sure to rattle markets worldwide, Google has been said to be in the early stages of development for a device that will allow the end user complete control over thier individual internet experience. Codenamed “Project Neutrino” the device will communicate directly with other like-enginered devices without requiring the assistance of land-lines, radio transmission repeaters or similar large scale ifrastructure. Similar to a walkie talkie, each device is said to communicate with other devices over its own discrete signal. No information was released regarding the type of signal used but it has been widely speculated that the medium itself may be derived from the projects codename.

Neutrinos have proven remarkably difficult to detect as they pass through matter readily and the only reliable means of detection have been through large sophisticated governmental arrays located at the south pole and in abandoned salt mines thousands of feet deep in western Michigan. While trillions of neutrinos may pass through a square meter of area in a femtosecond, (one millionth of a second) current methods of detection have only resulted in the discovery of a handful and the 12 meter heavy water muon and neutrino detector operated by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission failed to detect a single neutrino during the nine years of its operation.

Advances in the technology used have been made in the interim and new techniques have been developed that will allow both controlled origination of neutrino streams as well as digital parsing of the vast amounts of data these streams could contain. And recent revelations from research conducted at the CERN facility may allow Google and other companies to leapfrog today’s current technologies. Transmission would be possible over infinite distances and interference form obstructions would not be an issue. If feasible worldwide communication would be virtually instantaneous and data flow only limited by the abilities of the users equipment. In fact even space exploration could benefit as information would now be transferred at essentially the speed of light.

One tantalizing piece of information has been leaked from a small technology firm known to provide Google with advanced composite materials used in many of the company’s prototypes. The firm, Aixtron, has been rumored to be working on a conical shaped quasi-ceramic construct using vapor deposition techniques. If true such a construct could conceivably consist of literally many trillions of nanoscale layers of alternatively conductive and insulative layers that  in theory could act as either filters or antennas depending upon the properties of the elements used.

Neutrino  use as a medium is speculative at this time, but should it prove viable it would remove all current constraints from communication techniques. Google was spurred to investigate methods for direct device to device interaction originally by a  brainstorming session following the company’s losses to competitor Baidu when China began censoring search results. Fuel was added to the fire when Google came up short in the last round of FCC bandwidth auctions where the large telecoms were awarded the most favorable sections of the spectrum. Transmission through an entirely new and unregulated medium would open new worlds for the company to conquer.

Google’s stock has shown no perceptible change in value as the leak was not immediately verifiable at the close of markets. Impact is expected to be hardest on service providers. Consumers would likely be required to purchase only the initial device and upgrades as the technology matures.


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