Life Found On Mars

We are not alone! NASA will announce in coming days that conclusive proof of life has been found on Mars. Using soil sampling instrumentation on the Mars rover, chemical analysis has proven the existence of life outside of our small sphere of influence. Carbon based in nature, the life form found on the red planet has left behind chemical traces that demonstrate the presence of a living organism beautifully similar to many of those found on earth, and perhaps as unique and fertile as those found here. The announcement has been postponed to allow NASA time to confirm the results of the experiment and properly phrase the wording of the report in the hopes it will not spread wide panic among the general public, who seem to raise a frenzied ululation every time a scientific discovery is announced. Results from the SAM cluster of instruments, a complex suite of spectral analytic measuring devices meant to ascertain the arability  of the Martian epithelium and its immediate substrate have run repeated diagnoses of materials derived from a depth of 750 nanometres below the surface, a level at which the sun’s harmful and debilitating rays have no deleterious effect on the cryptogamic Martian soil, and found a complex strata of highly evolved mycological development.  While exciting in and of itself, the experiments have also revealed the presence of significant amounts of fecula, which directly indicates the presence of far more advanced life forms. The official announcement of the agency’s findings if expected in the next few days.

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