Essential Have Product – AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter

I really like quilting, but I am getting a more difficult and harder time earning quilts because of to some persistent again problems from my scoliosis. The fabric slicing part of any quilt project is wherever I actually battle – all of that bending around, measuring, and pressing and shifting the rotary cutter just results in me all kinds of complications. The light came on after i seen my mate (who works with paper crafts) working with a die cutter to create paper designs and that i had to surprise if something like that existed to chop designs for quilts.

Lots of analysis afterwards, I decided on an fabric cutting board. The pros from the AccuQuilt is the fact it seems to be by far the most economical fabric cutter on the market, plus the device is small and transportable for household hobbyists. The drawbacks are that a different die has to be bought for every form and dimension that you choose to might possibly choose to use – it is not similar to a paper cutter where you can alter down from 3.5″ to 2.5″ with a whim. Having said that, considering that I essentially solely use 3.5″ squares in my quilting, this wasn’t a drawback for me – I purchased the 3.5″ die to go along with the fabric cutter and something else I would like I’ll carry on to hand-cut for as long as I am able to.

This machine is so easy make use of. The quilt I am functioning at this time desires sixty squares of pink. The die I bought cuts two 3.5″ squares for every layer of fabric, and that i can suit eight layers of fabric in a one run throughout the machine. That is four operates from the device for sixty four squares – and that i completed everything, straight out of the box, with out reading the consumer guide, in fewer than 30 minutes. That degree of labor would’ve taken me no less than 3-4 hrs by rotary cutter, and my back again can be aching afterwards.

The two major problems that I have witnessed for that AccuQuilt is that (a) the rotary mats ought to be changed periodically, and (b) there’s some critical fabric squander to look at. For that to start with matter, the mats, I do not foresee a problem. The mats tend to be thicker when compared to the rotary mats I have acquired during the past, so they really should very last comparably extended, and also the mats are really economical over the AccuQuilt internet site, specially as opposed to mat costs at my local fabric save. I’ve to cop on the next place, nevertheless – the die may be laid out a great deal much more effectively to forestall wastage and i’m surprised it’s not. AccuQuilt does make and sell strip reduce die, that can slice two thoroughly clean 3.5″ strips side-by-side (versus two squares) and that appears quite a lot more economical with regards to fabric use, but then naturally you continue to need to whip out the rotary blade to cut the squares away from the strips. I’ll test it and see how it goes, anyway.

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