For many of the things we do in life, no particular goals are required. We all go to sleep when we’re tired and wake up when our alarms sound, or if we’re lucky enough, when our bodies have determined we’ve had enough rest.  Most of us manage to keep the refrigerator and cupboards stocked with edible items, we manage to get to work on time, spend time with our family and friends, and take time to have some sort of “fun”, whatever that may mean to you. I can see that making time to read this blog post is proving to be fairly easy for you as well. For anything that is already going just fine, goal-setting may seem irrelevant or unnecessary.

But then there are the troublesome areas. Perhaps you have wrestled with over-eating, smoking, drinking or drug addiction. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn to play a musical instrument or learn a foreign language, search for a better job, or move to a different city. And while the idea has been brewing for some time, you find yourself not acting on it for, sometimes, years on end. Excuses pile up, or miscellaneous filler activities fill up the space in your life that could easily be used to accomplish much bigger goals.

This is a potentially serious problem, because it’s a form of “wasting” your precious life. Your personal “dreams” and goals are probably more important than the daily habits you have formed. Is spending more time commuting to work, scrolling through the internet or watching television programs more important than achieving the things you have dreamt about for a very long time?

In order to bring these ever-elusive dreams to fruition, you may just need a “psychological plateau-breaker”. Something to shake up your internal excuse-maker and flip you into a pattern of action that moves you towards your goal. And as it turns out, developing a habit of small, but frequent action that moves you in the right direction is all it takes to accomplish just about anything … given a little bit of time.

I’ve got plenty of unfulfilled goals rattling around in my own head, most of them related to my desire for a full-time career in Broadcast Media. My often-stated goal of being a news reporter or anchor for a large market station is no closer to happening than it was the last time I stated it. My skills in journalism and mass communications remain similarly unused. The common factor in all of these things is that I never take action on them. Other things always seem to take precedence over organizing my battle plan. The results reflect my lack of effort, and overall laziness, which I wholeheartedly admit.

Other things seem to work out just fine. I manage to do plenty of multimedia, video, photography and voice-over projects, because I’m driven to do Freelance work.

External motivations are powerful forces that allow habits to be built. Meanwhile, my failed career aspirations are allowed to continue because nobody contacts me with opportunities, expecting me to deliver a rock-solid performance.

So today I’d like to try an experiment in motivation, by turning an internal semi-motivation into an external mega-motivation. And you’re welcome to join me, if there is anything you would like to accomplish this Spring / Summer.

Right now, I really want to gain full time employment in the field of Broadcast Media, or Radio Broadcasting.  I also have interest and experience in Multimedia Production, in the form of: Production, Video/Audio/Photographic Editing, Voice-Overs, On-Camera Talent, and Public Relations/Marketing.

Then I slacked off and started letting other things replace the drive for success in this area. I fooled myself into thinking I was still looking regularly for opportunities, but every time I checked the calendar, it had been about a week since the last spurt of real searching. But nobody is watching and I didn’t have any particular  goals, so the pattern continues. I changed my search style and found a few new avenues for where jobs can be found, and the new system seemed preferable to the old, stronger-but-less-fruitful arrangement. Life seems fine, right?

However, reality recently caught up to me. I started getting random cases of “old man” syndrome – getting into the pattern of thinking, I have to get moving now, before it’s too late.  I’m not getting any younger.  Nobody is going to want to hire me at my age.  I’m too old to break into this type of career.

So today,  I’m turning to external motivation to help me solve this problem. A man of my age has many reasons to maintain a reasonable desire to be successful and feel accomplished. Having a weak work experience / background in the desired field is one roadblock that I have to find a way to overcome.  It makes me a more effective individual, since many of the operations on a multimedia project require all the skills I can muster.

The moral of this story is this … Sometimes you need to “stick to your guns”, and find that motivating factor to shove you over the edge of success.  Surround yourself with motivators, whether it be inspiring quotes, motivational messages or people who will stand by you, and encourage success.  I, personally, find nothing more effective than friends and family who are committed to help you succeed.  With support from them, a little bit of self-organization, making sure you have all of your “ducks in a row”, and the will-power to follow through, you are set to climb that last hill.

I am determined to succeed and look forward to sharing the experience with those that are interested in taking the journey with me.

If you have a similar story, or dreams and goals to share … feel free to send me a little ditty.  I’d love to hear about it!


Until next time …

S. Taylor (scuba6879)

I am a Freelance journalist/photographer, humorist and former radio personality. Loving life and makin’ laughs is what I do best.

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