Cat Litter Sickens Kids

imageCat litter sickens kids. Reeking of feline toxoplasmosis protozoa, ammonia, diaper rash and homeless person stank, a cat sculpture is luring small children into its inner sanctum where the soon find themselves overpowered by the potent, poisonous mix, fall into a swoon and languish.

The cat sculpture, a tile, stone and concrete work by late artist Niki St. Phalle, was erected in a courtyard near the Escondido Center for the Arts and has proven itself an attractive nuisance.

Feral cats are drawn to the large expanse of loose sand, children to the cute appearance of the sculpture and the homeless sleep there for the shelter from the rain it affords

Escondido, CA officials are looking into remedies for the problems; including an automatic pepper spray deterrent device for the cats and children and charging rent to the homeless who were found to utilize the pepper spray as an additional flavoring in their mouthwash beverages.

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