Lindsay Lohan Not Going To Rehab, Staying at My House

lindsay2Lindsay Lohan didn’t want to go to rehab so she’s hiding out at my house, Hate to rat her out but there’s money in it, her attorney‘s paying me $5000. so he can get his bail bond money back. She contacted me through a link at The Yellow Press Lindsay Lohan fan page, saw my profile about how I raised pygmy goats and liked to do cake decorating and so she figured my place in Sutank, CO was about the last place they’d ever look. And it had some other things she was looking for, fishing right out the back door, bright blue skies to sail kites in and plenty of dogs and cats that need scratchin’ and lovin’. Besides I need the money so I can put it into my tube buggy. She’s gonna come see me when she gets out so she can finish her helping me out with the repairs on the dovecote.

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