Obama Praises Bomber

PervPresident Obama has returned from a visit to Africa where he praised a man who was imprisoned for his involvement with bomb plots to overthrow the government of South Africa. The president also reiterated his nations commitment to capture and bring to trial Eric Snowden who is accused of revealing the governments policy of snooping on its citizens every action as well as spying on all the other governments and organizations in the world.

The president and his family toured several locales in their whirlwind tour of the continent, visiting scenic places, historical monuments and viewing wild animal parks during the day and giving didactic and instructive speeches to the natives. Evenings, they changed their wardrobes and attended bright parties and soirees where they sampled the local cuisines and the president gave didactic and instructive speeches to the natives.

His praise for freedom fighter Nelson Mandela was effusive and glowing, Mandela was a lawyer in South Africa who fought the racial inequaties of the country, ultimately resorting to endorsing the use of violence. His conviction for involvement in bombings led to a 27 year prison sentence. He was released when tensions in the country reached a breaking point and was later elected president.

Obama stated, during one of his didactic and instructive speeches to the natives, that the US stood for freedom and justice and would pursue alleged information leaker Eric Snowden and bring him to justice using every resource and avenue available to the worlds largest and most powerful nation.

The US is greatly concerned about protecting the open secret that it spies on everyone and everything all the time, and much like man in a tent will exhaust himself to wild extremes to murder the few lone mosquitoes that share his world, the US is flailing about crazily, soliciting countries to reject Mr.Snowdens appeals for political asylum, redirecting air traffic in snipe hunts for him, rescinding his passport without due course of law, threatening economic blackmail against nations that harbor him and hanging dead cats on his personal and professional reputations.

Embarrassed at being caught in the lie that it wasn’t invading the privacy of its citizens, the US first claimed that was limited in scope, that it was needed for national security, that it had been effective in stopping a number of active plots, that there were weapons of mass destruction, that weasels ripped its flesh, that friends don’t rat, that right makes might and that those that rule are immune to prosecution if their motives are well meant and their hearts pure. Statesman John Kerry ¬†addressed the issue of spying on other embassies by saying, “So what, everyone does it”. The ¬†editors father says, “If everyone is jumping off cliffs…..”. Senator John McCain, responding to the fact that the US had been caught with its pants down, expressed his concerns that the whole world would now be able to see our wee little winkies and bright white behinds. Expect more didactic and instructive speeches.

You can’t push a string. One best serves who leads by example. The good guys don’t always wear white hats.

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