Modern Problems, Ancient Cures

Scientists have discovered that all modern problems are simply because as a race we are too far advanced. In studies at the University of Medical and Social Sciences in Mombai, India researchers segregated all maladies suffered by the human race into illnesses that have existed since the dawn of man and those more recent, or modern problems and found that all modern diseases are due to the fact that our technologies have advanced to such a point that our bodies, and social structures have been unable to catch up. The study was far ranging in scope and included the common cold, various strains of influenza, leukemia, Morgellon’s disease and Bieber fever. The outcomes of well known maladies have changed little with time and significant improvements in modern medicine have shown an ameliorating effect in those illnesses. Modern ailments have however been resistant to modern cures and in cases like Bieber fever, the best outcomes have occurred when the disease is allowed to run it’s course. Researchers pointed out that another ailment, cat scratch fever, was allowed to play itself out and   the only known ill effect was the survival of its initial vector, Nugent.

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