Zimmerman Trial Jury Verdict Leaked


News Flash, Miami, FL News that the jury in the Zimmerman has reached a verdict has been leaked by a member of the hotel staff where they have been sequestered. The six women jurors in the trial of George Zimmerman apparantly were unevenly split in their opinion when they arrived at the hotel but in confidential conversations held in the lead jurors hotel room the minority group led discussions that eventually swayed the other four members. Several questions remain as some members of the jury made special requests of the court appointed bailiff prior

To retiring for the evening.
Recognizing the importance of their decision three of the jurors asked the court to provide them with new, respectable dresses and those big floppy hats ladies wear at the Kentucky Derby. One juror asked if it was permitted for her to dye her hair as her roots were beginning to show while the youngest member requested a bottle of Revlon sinfully red nail polish to cover the green and yellow polka dots on her toenails. Two jurors also requested a bottle of wine, the variety unspecified.

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