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cops!It’s not every day Carl Dahlink has a good idea, but he knows one when he sees it. Driving home from his work as an insurance salesman at an agency in Plato IL, his heart skipped a beat when a red flashing light appeared in his rear view mirror. He only calmed down when he realized he was doing the speed limit as the State trooper passed by him on the left on the way to more pressing business elsewhere. But his genius moment came five minutes later when he stopped at the grocery store to pick up some kielbasa for dinner and found his heart beating fast again when the flashing of a little red light from an advertisement on a shelf nearby caught his attention. That’s when it all came together, he remembered something someone had told him, that the best car insurance is a police car in the rear view mirror. Carl went straight home, and using a desktop printer and the red flashing light he’d talked the grocer out of put his idea together. The first version was a bit basic, just a small sticker of a police car with a little red light that flashed constantly but he improved upon it, making the sticker into a clip on for the rear view mirror with the police car at the right scale, and making the flashing light much smaller and flashing in a more random pattern. It’s selling like hotcakes and his manufacturer in Des Moines, IA says it can keep them affordable enough so that when he pitches the product on the Shark Tank television show next month he can still say it’s American made. Not bad car insurance for $5.99.

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