Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas rumored split drives men’s grooming product sales.

kzjSeveral men’s care product manufacturers are reporting a spike in sales. Sales of Mennen, Old Spice and Barbasol products have experience a sudden spike, along with apparel manufacturers Arrow Shirts and clothing distributor Men’s Warehouse. The rise in sales have taken place over the past few days and are largely confined to heritage brands, or products favored by middle aged male consumers. Spot research bears out the trend, identifying the rise in sale to be driven by a demographic consisting of single men aged approximately 38 to 57. Sales have resulted in these once foundering brands ability to now show a measurable increase in market share well above the moribund results of the last decade, in which the market was typically driven by a younger demographic whose interest in personal care was satisfied by current market makers, Axe and Ralph Lauren.
The suddenness of the surge among these heritage brands and particularly among the characteristically ambivalent middle aged male market has led to several theories as to the motivation for these consumers to seek self improvement, one of which appears to have some basis in fact. Sales of the National Enquirer tabloid covering the possible split between actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones often accompanied the purchase of these men’s health and grooming products.

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