8 Women To Watch In 2014

image   Taking a break from the symposium on wealth building for women they conducted in Denver over the weekend this group of young entrepreneurs from Miami took a spare moment to hike the trails around Red Rocks Park on a sunny day. The group recently developed a digital currency along the lines of Bitcoin that is specifically tailored for use by women desiring more complete control of their finances. The currency, as yet unnamed will be a direct Bitcoin competitor. The program embraces the needs of women, who typically earn less than their male counterparts, enabling them access to tools and strategies that promote parity and cooperation rather than competition. Key to the company’s success has been tailoring its market to the basic needs of all, promoting investments  in nutritional food, potable water, safe housing and a healthy network of cooperative, interested parties. Their company is heavily invested in efforts to advance the  rights of women in third world countries through a revenue sharing model and was recently bought by Warren Buffet for an undisclosed sum.


Pictured, (from the left), are; Susan S. – Biochemist, Carol P. – Geo technology, Esther R. – Hazard mitigation, Pauline C. – Microeconomics, Tweedle F. – Nanotechnology, Caroline D. – Fricative Specialist, Nadine S. – Mystic, and Sable H. – Covalent ethology.

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