Reds Use Facebook To Spy On US

PressThe evil geniuses behind Russia crushing state spy apparatus have been hard at work gathering information on US citizens. They now know as much or more than the Americans own nosy snoops, the NSA knows about its subjects and managed to acquire that information in an easy manner and at a lower cost than their American counterparts. How? They bought it from Facebook.
By posing as legitimate commercial businesses, like CocaCola and Monsanto, they purchased comprehensive databases on the US public that give them an in depth knowledge of who we are and what we’re doing. The KGB is now able to determine, with fine grained precision, who someone is, who they work for, (i.e. the military, a civilian contractor), their travels and relationships, and their shopping tendencies.
Facebook sold these relational information databases to the Russians in just the same manner as it does to all of its corporate clients, by the pound. That is Facebook sells and prices its information based upon how much the client wants. Reports available state that currently the KGB has spent about $14 million since it began the program and has budgeted about $3 million a year to stay current, a minor sum for such a wealth of information.

Russian spying pervasive. The Reds have never relented in their espionage of other nations nor in their schemas to expand their dominion over the globe as this related story shows.

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