Colbert For President


Noted political commentator Stephan Colbert willing to run on secessionist platform. Sources close to the Yellow Press have indicated that Stephen has been contacted on multiple occasions by members of the South Carolina Tea party and that Stephan has expressed an overall positive view of the tea party in general and the secessionist moment in particular stating that any state politician or party willing to endorse succession would get “the Colbert Bump”. Yellow Press analysts believe that due to his ties to former senate candidate Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and his abortive 2008 presidential bid Colbert would forgo the nominative process of both the Democratic and Republic parties and seek election as a third party. This communication with the south Carolina secessionist movement may be the beginning of an attempt to form a coalition of third party organizations and galvanize independent voters.

Stephan Colbert, DFA is a South Carolina Native and host of the multiple award winning Colbert Report. He has used “The Report” on multiple occasions to support his secessionist ideology likening SC on multiple occasions to its own nation.

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