Doomsday Cometh

wpid-IMG_20131130_092416.jpgDon’t say you weren’t warned. The end is nigh, and that right soon. Time to make like bunnies, and gluttons, and lushes and enjoy our last days for our tinkering and carelessness and wicked wanton ways have set in motion a cascade of events that will spell the end of all we, or anyone knows. Just ask a zealot, or a reputable scientist, better yet a whole team of them.

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark have flatly stated that the conversion of gravity via the research on the Higgs Boson will lead to a sequence of events that will squeeze the entire contents of the known universe into a mass about the size of a medium grapefruit. That’s your car, your house your golf club, the Himalayas, North America, South America, Africa, the earth, the sun, the Milky Way galaxy, all the other galaxies, the egos of several right wing pundits and the whole expanding universe into the size of a citrus fruit you sprinkle sugar on that squirts juice into your eye you eat for breakfast. And how can this happen? The scientists can explain it a lot better than we can, but, simply put,  there is a lot of empty space in the universe, just as between the ears of the right wing pundits and their audiences. Imagine a man with a couple of  tennis balls on strings. If the man just stands there, holding his balls, he doesn’t have a lot of influence, doesn’t take up a lot of room. But the moment he starts swinging those balls around, the space he takes up expands.  If the strings are each thirty feet long and he can swing them around fast enough his sphere of influence becomes about sixty feet in diameter.

Each particle of our known world has empty space in it. The molecules have space between them, the atoms have space, the electrons circle the protons and neutrons on strings that are comparatively thousands of miles long relative to their size. And the planets and suns and galaxies have so much empty space between them that scientists measure the distances with the amount of time it takes light to travel between them. (Only Muhammad Ali was fast enough to appreciate the speed at which light travels.) If something disrupts those spheres of influence, cuts those strings, maybe even just one of them, a chain of events can begin to occur that leads to the severing of all of the strings, and the collapse of all of the spheres of influence at a rate faster than the speed of light. The end of all we know.

As noted in a previous post, it is the research work on the Higgs boson that imperils us all. The scientists who developed the first atomic weapon were not all convinced that its detonation wouldn’t lead to a chain reaction of nucular, pardon, nuclear fission that would at minimum rend the earth asunder. Now we have a great many studies indicating that playing with the fundamental building blocks of the universe will lead to the complete collapse of the structure itself. The Yellow Press believes we should stop playing with fire before we get burned.

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