Increase in foreign tourist arrivals

Increase of 4.10 Percent in the Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) to India in 2013

Despite negative signals from the global economy, the number of foreign tourist arrivals in the country in 2013 showed an increase of about 4.1 % over 2012. During the period January- December 2013, 68.48 lakh (Provisional) tourists visited India against 65.78 lakh in 2012. 

Foreign exchange earnings from tourism in rupee terms during 2013 were Rs.1,05,836 crore (Provisional) with a growth of 12.0% over the same period in 2012.The foreign exchange earnings during (Jan. to Dec.) 2012 was to the tune of Rs.94,487 crore. 

FEE from tourism in terms of US$ during January to December 2013 were US$ 18.133 billion with a growth of 2.2%, as compared to US$ 17.737 billion with a growth of 7.1% during January-December 2012 over the corresponding period of 2011. 

Domestic tourism continues to be the main contributor to the sector providing much needed resilience. The domestic tourist visits during the year 2012 are estimated to be 1036 million (Provisional), showing a growth of 19.9% over 2011. 


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