Great Politics in India

What  great master mind strategies are going on in Indian Politics!! Recently, Arvind Kejriwal Resigned AAP(Aam Aadmi Party) with the reason that the Jan lokpal bill was rejected by BJP and Congress Leaders. But the truth is something else. When Kejriwal Joined as a CM for law making, he had the support of Congress for some ideas for income generation, which he refused during elections. Joining Congress was a big mistake when congress leaders declared that Arvind belongs to their team. Kejriwal, with no other options, got trapped and people assumed that Kejriwal has gamed them by sharing his ideas with congress by belonging to them. Congress had a bad record previously with Delhities and Kejriwal went on diluting problems of general public in terms of water and electric connections with all his effort.

Reuters says that “Kejriwasl decision of joining BJP would have strengthened the whole nation but unfortunately, no one can stop that happening”. Now finding no other solution Kejriwal got the perfect idea of quitting AAP for breaking the connection with congress leader’s with the basic reason of Janlokpal bill which was meant for the benefit of the society. Now the society is in favor of his decision. He ordered quick re-election in Delhi which is still a surprising factor as what will happen, who will win, or who will make the Government again. There is now 100% chance that BJP leader Narendra Modi can come up now as our new prime minister, and AAP has collapsed by acting as an eye opener for general public towards the behavior of congress for Janlokpal.

Indeed, re-election in Delhi may somehow be fruitful for general public  if Congress leader Sheila Dixit wins again, then anything can happen. Lets wait for the decision.




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