Gavi-an upcoming tourist spot

Tiger_in_the_waterThe verdant wild interiors of gavi in periyar tiger reserve is fast turning into a major ecotourism destination.Ingavi you can hear the melancholic whistle of a Malabar whistling thrush the cry of a horn bill from the lofty trees,trumpting of elephants grazing on lush green lands by cows, chatter of nilgiri langurs, bellowing of wild buffaloes gazing at you from the bushes and the warbling of imperial pigeons,  a land gifted with natural beauty far from the madding crowd. Another bustle of fast life,many people choose it as a place to relax in the lap of nature.

Kerala forest development corporation offers package tours in gavi from vandiperiyar. The day package offers trekking through the forest with a trained guide after breakfast, go on a long jungle trek accompanied by guides to see the wild life from a close angle, have lunch at the kfdc court over looking the serene gavi lake and go for boating away from the drudgery of modern fast life. Many people preferred to stay in the jungle lodge,green mansion that provide them an opportunity to watch the sunset and sunrise in the wilderness.


The rate fixed for the day package is RS 1000 a person and a 24 hour stay in the lodge RS 2200 each.The tourists are given an opportunity to sleep in the wilderness besides a jungle ride in a jeep, plantation visits boating in the reservoir and a jeep safari into the surrounding area such as kochu pampa .

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