invaluable manuscripts found

superheroEver wondered how our mythological superheros operated those deadly weapon such as agney astra varunastra,brahmatra nagpash etc.

A manuscript found from the collections of ashtavaidyan madham, cheriya narayanan namboodri who passed awaysometime back clearly mentions the mantras to use brahmastra agni astra etc.The 63folio manuscripts in palm leaves believed to be rewritten about 120 years ago is the only manuscript retrieved so far in the country that tells how to use all the deadly weapons mentioned in mahabharata in about 48 well prescribed mantras It was cheriyanarayanan nambooiri wish to digitize all his manuscript collection ie 1300 bundles for the benefit ofResearch. krishnan is part of the team from indira Gandhi national centre for the arts new delhi that has been bestowed with the responsibility of digitizing all the manuscripts available with both public and private parties in the nation.People may  wonder why the manuscript should  be digitized. It is because they would throw light on our history culture customs ancient religions besides giving information on the environment  health and science of ancient masses said krishnakumar.We had digitized a portion of manuscripts available with libraries colleges universities and other institutes in kerala. our next destination is kanipayyur mana near kunnamkulam famous for thachusastra and other centers that have hundreds of manuscripts preserved with them, krishnakumar added

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