Father of malayalam language thunchath ezuthachan

chittur guru madhom two km from chittur town is a four century old building at thekke grammam where the father of Malayalam language thunchath ramanathan ezuthatchan lived for nearly four decades where he wrote and translated masterprices .The Ramayana and mahabharath to Malayalam for the common man. It is believed that ezuthachan on his way back from  pilgrimage had halted at chittur where he settled down at thekke gramam near anikode. The building where ezuthachan  lived was constructed by him on the land donated by the nair families of the area. Though born in an underprivileged class,ezhuthachan mastered the Vedas and Upanishads.This must have helped him translate the Sanskrit epics into malayalam.


At the gurumadham the sri chakra and few idols worshipped by him along with the wooden slippers and few old manuscript are exhibited for language loving visitors on vijaya dasami day. The memorial attracts large number of children from kerala and adjoining state of tamilnadu for being initiated into the world of letters

By: k.mohan

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