A new world order to emerge

hangingsThe world order which is set to emerge in the next few decades would be one characterised by multi lateralism, cosmopolitanism and possibility of reforms in global system said Adam webb Resident professor of political science John Hopkins university china He was delivering the IR SPECIAL LECTURE 2013 ON THE THEME GLOBAL GROWTH 2050 AT M.G.UNIVERSITY KOTTAYAM.ACCORDING TO HIM CHINA’S SHARE OF WORLD POPULATION WILL DECLINE SIGNIFICANTLY IN THE NEXT FEW DECADES WHICH WILL CORRESPOND WITH THE RISE IN POPULATION IN THE COUNTRIES IN SOUTH ASIA AND SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. AS AGAINST THE CURRENT GLOBAL PROJECTIONS the growth rates of china will slowdown over decades as much as that of the west while the poorer nations will grow faster,he noted He said that the southward shift of influence by 2050 would be the result of the population size,higher level on interdiversity and cosmopolitan potential hea sadi that there would also be a shift from elite international to transnational publc where third world tends to undercut authoritarianism over the years The likely scenario of the world would be latin americanisation of societies and europeanisation of institutions which would be more radical.Even the contents of the demands across the public would be more social justice and global democratic participation,he said.

By: k.mohan

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