jain temple dating back to sangam period

jain templeThe coastal village of mathilakam about 50 kms from thrissur is  home for renowned illa vanchilam and remnants of the jain temple that dates back to sangam period.


This sleepy village is where ilango adigal a jain monk is believed to have authored the epic silappathikaram.The  place abounds with artifacts of both prehistoric and historic periods which throw light on the rich cultural heritage of kerala.Archaeological evidence reveals that it was a flourishing center of Jainism and could very well find a place on the world cultural map feel activists of mathilakam paithrika samrakshana samithi. The archaeological survey of india had conducted an excavation at the site in 1967 and found a half circled basement of jain temple. The documents of the ASI indicate that the remnants of a prehistorical wall recovered from the place show that there could be an ancient town in the place .Further excavation though suggested have not been under taken at the site by the ASI authorities till date. It is time that the relics and remnants of the centuries old temple and the historic pond be protected and conserved for posterity.

By: k.mohan

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