Innovation in education

India and Arab countries did not excel in the development of science & technology as they failed to share knowledge. Technology grew in western countries as they shared knowledge through effective linking between academic departments of universities & colleges. More than 90% of higher education in the country is happening in colleges and 65% of postgraduate education is handled in colleges. Strengthening capacity building in colleges should be the priority in the higher education sectoraccording to chief economist k.mohan

When we start having new departments we have to look at the priorities and emerging areas such as information technology and biotechnology. No area would however emerge if it is not properly integrated into conventional disciplines, mohan added. .

He also called for curriculum restructuring and innovatuion. He said the UGC was planning inter collegiate and inter university teaching programmes where institutions would identify good teachers and would be able to send them for interface between constituents mobility which was the main objective of higher education in the country. The text of education had to be applied to the society. He also called for restructuring examination and affiliation systems. The purpose of examination was to find out what had been taught by teachers & what the students had learnt. There should be a system on which the teachers should teach student until they have learnt, he said adding that capacity building of teaching could improve examination & affiliation system. He emphasised the importance of understanding education parameters of development. Developed nations by and large had universal literacy  universal school education & had higher education enrolment in the age of 50-80 years. India will not be an exception to that he said. Open and distance education had to be integrated into conventional education. There should be IT enabled teaching and learning in conventional education. He has urged educationaists to undertake a mission to  know the problems facing the education system in the country. According to them the real energy of education among many other things in the growing middle class which wanted children to speak English with British or American accent.


 He said that the present day education was throttled by the attitude that we can surf and be educated. Surfing assists in staying on the surface. . Education  faced problems from time  immemorial. But the situation now had become worse with the advent of communication resolution. children are first loaded with information from the internet from a wrong perspective.

By: k.mohan

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