Taliban Exchanged for Bergdahl Have Implants for Drone Location

talibanAll five of the recently released Taliban prisoners that were exchanged for American captive Bowe Bergdahl were implanted with multiple geo-location and RFID devices that allow the US to monitor their movements, conversations and even target them for drone strikes should the need arise. The revelations that the Guantanamo bay captives had been implanted was pieced together from interviews with several doctors stationed at the secure military prison who felt the practice was unethical. “Most devices were introduced during forced-feeding procedures and consisted of small, plastic encased capsules containing electronics or computer chips.” One of the physicians was quoted as saying. Some others reported direct implantation of devices through routine minor surgical procedures and dental work. “All of the prisoners held in Guantanamo have had these devices installed,” another doctor reported, “but the five recently released had some special work done just prior to release.” Devices used were of a very small scale, undetectable by x-ray or ultrasound, and multiple devices were used to provide a range of capabilities as well as redundancies should one device fail.  The ability of the US to launch targeted drone strikes has been well known among the Taliban for many years now and they have been able to minimize the damage by such tactics as using disposable  cell phones, hand passed missives, coded dummy transmissions and other tactics. The US will now be able to monitor these five individuals in real time and take the appropriate measures immediately.

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