Celebrity Stalker Joan Rivers Crazy

j riversCelebrity stalker and plastic surgery devotee Joan Rivers is either crazy like a taut 81 year old fox or just plain crazy like a frypan full of peppermint castile soap and spoiled trout. Recent comments from the silver haired gossip that President Obama is gay and his wife Michelle is a ‘tranny’ were either a well plotted effort on her behalf to take attention away from a meltdown she suffered during an interview with CNN Reporter Fredericka Whitfeild where she stormed off the stage, or a couple of those loose screw remarks many of the aged and ill opinioned are prone to. While possible that both recent events are merely publicity stunts one does have to wonder about the comments seeing as the substance of them are generally considered impolite among the better groomed. So goes the Hollywood culture however, where the least common denominator is the one making the biggest bank.

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