Most Not Comfortable In Their Own Skin

sadistWhy is solitary confinement so effective? Why are all those people in the store walking around talking to themselves? Is a loud salloon¬†the best place to mull over a beer all by your lonesome? Science now has the answer, and it’s shocking, literally. When left alone with nothing to do, people will do anything to alleviate¬†the boredom, including harming themselves. A just published study undertaken at the University of Virginia discovered that, when left alone with just their thoughts, most people would do almost anything for entertainment, including shocking themselves with electricity. Because the experiment was filmed, the whangdang doodle was sort of out of the question, which is the standard response to alone time. Instead participants were faced with the bleak choice of the voices in their head or a strategically placed little button, no not that button, the other one, that delivered a mild electric shock.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00FPE6UN2″] Now, when this writer was rearing his kids and the lawnmower wouldn’t start, he asked his unsuspecting young daughter to hold the spark plug wire while he pulled the cord. She let him know the spark wasn’t the problem by quietly walking away, forever after doubtful of her father, and himself as equally disappointed. A mild shock usually leaves no lasting damage however, and these victims in the the experiment at UV were self dosing. Which prompts the question regarding the researchers and the researched; What does a masochist say? He says, “Oh, hit me, beat me, hurt me please.” And how does the sadist respond? “Nooooo.”

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