Fighting Alcoholism in Russia Absolutly Impossible

Fighting Alcoholism in Russia Absolutly Impossible, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says.

“Alcoholism has become a national disaster,” Dmitry Medvedev claimed. According to official data, average Russians, including newborns, consume about 18 liters of alcohol a year.

According to the World Health Organization, if alcohol consumption per capita exceeds 8 liters a year in Russia, the health of nation will find itself in serious danger.

Besides, mass alcohol consumption in Russia results in many families getting separated. Drunken drivers account for almost 5,000 road accidents killing about 8,000 people.

By the president’s opinion, the previously taken measures had given no effect.

“Probably, on the one hand the whole range of restrictive, awareness-raising measures is needed to promote normal and healthy lifestyle,” Medvedev declared.

“It is impossible to fight alcoholism in a poor country,” the president added, stressing the necessity to raise living standards in the country.

via Fighting Alcoholism in Russia Absolutely Impossible, Medvedev Says – Pravda.Ru.

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