Rioting Continues In Ferguson

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For those of you who know nothing about what’s been going on in Ferguson, MO for the last week, an unarmed man named Michael Brown was shot and killed August 9th, 2014 by a Ferguson police officer.  There are a lot of conflicting reports on this case as police are saying that he reached for the officers gun, while residents say he was on the ground with his hands above his head.  He was shot 6 times by the officer.  There has now been protesting for over a week in Ferguson because of this incident.

I have been following the riots closely and have heard accounts from the people in the community.  Community members have said that the people who are rioting, looting, and burning down businesses in Ferguson are not Ferguson residents.  Residents have been quoted as saying “These are people from Chicago…these are opportunists.”

There are numerous videos out there from Livestreams that have caught people setting buildings on fire and then driving away and the protesters putting these fires out.  The people of this community are doing everything they can to protect their community by putting out fires, protecting storefronts to keep people from breaking in and looting, and trying to calm down the ones who are becoming hostile so as to not escalate the situation with the police.

Since this is my first time blogging, check back later tonight or in the morning for a breakdown of tonight’s protest in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jimm Morgan

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