Information SuperHighway Under Construction


It seems today the internet is ablaze with comments and complaints that the Information Superhighway is closed without many detours.

After reports of Charter Communications having a major DNS crash early this morning, it seems the crash has taken it’s toll on users.  Web surfers all over the country are finding ways to get online to find out why their internet suddenly went loopy.  I myself, a Charter customer, am surprised I was lucky enough to get here to write this article.

With no word from Charter on their website, Facebook page, or Twitter account, customers are beginning to get a bit heated with the lack of customer support.  Ever since their servers went down in what appears to be in all 25 states they serve, people have been trying to contact Charter Representatives.

Customers of Charter have spoken out on social media about the way Charter is handling this, most even going as far as changing their own ISP to a free Google DNS just to have a functioning internet again.

There have been complaints by customers of the Help Center phone lines having been steady busy since the outage while other customers have reported having a minimum one hour wait time on hold due to the high volume of calls.  There have also been reports of people attempting to contact a live representative via the website, however, people are reporting that they cannot connect to the live help or that there are no reps available to handle their call.

Hopefully, this all gets sorted out soon.  If not, I would hate to see just how stir-crazy people can go in this digital age of the internet where everyone does everything online.

If things aren’t sorted, however, and people once again have to leave their homes and talk face to face like they used to (pre-AOL days), that would be a nice site to see again as well.

Jimm Morgan

Owner of Jimm's Vapes, part time freelance journalist

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