Get A Free Google ARA Phone.

ara phoneGot a yen to own the latest technological breakthrough device? Google is offering it’s new ARA phone free to anyone with the chops to help make it the world’s hottest cellphone when the device goes mainstream. Essentially a module based, cloud connected personal communication device, the phone is destined to become more than just a way to play Angry Birds and IM your bff. The phone, about the size of the Samsung Note, can be configured to its users preference through the personalizing of eight different different module slots on the back of the phone. Talk a lot? Install an extra battery. Audiophile? Use one of the slots for a bleeding edge MP3 player. Photo buff? Put in a ultra HD camera. Need military grade GPS? Check. Are you a physician that needs to record arrhythmia and compare them against a database of the patients past history? How about a carpet installer that could use a laser tape measure to create bids for clients? The uses for the Google ARA are intentionally designed to be endless and infinitely variable. And that’s where Google could use the public’s’ help.

Rolling out the device in Puerto Rico early this year will help the company work out the bugs in it’s beta model but it is looking for additional help from the public in developing the modules that make the device unique. Essentially unlimited in it’s flexibility, the device can be easily tailored to accept modules that perform any function currently performed short of those by a Waring blender. Modules for infrared temperature measurement could assist HVAC technicians and may have uses in other fields. Google is looking for persons in a wide variety of fields to use the device as a testbed for some currently produced modules suggest ways in which the modules could better suit the needs of consumers. Google is also seeking artists, designers and inventors to test the ARA phone and suggest ways in which its features could be improved or made more user versatile. If you are interested in being one of the first to own this revolutionary device, follow this link and click on the requisite category to receive your free Google ARA phone. (Note: You will be required to provide some personal information and must meet some basic criteria to obtain the free device and modules appropriate to your needs.)

All in all, if you don’t mind being a guinea pig for a big corporation like Google, it’s a great way to become an early adapter and get a free Google ARA phone.

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