“You should do what you love to do”


‘One Question’ is a series of short interviews by Maureen Bachaus in which people from different backgrounds and cultures respond to the same question. In this case: what is your most important life lesson? Say you could carry a life lesson to a totally new and blank world, what would it be?

“Well my name is Luc, and I kind of trade in old stuff… I collect old stuff and scrap iron, that is how I make a living.

You see, If you want to achieve something, then you should just work for it. And you should do what you love to do. And… well, you see… The things I do… I have loved to do them all my life. And the longer I work among people, the stronger I feel about that.

And my father always said to my mother: “Mom, the moment Luc doesn’t have any money, the sea will have no water.” … Hahaha, the sea has never been without water…

He was always like that, you know. Well because I have a lot of guts, I just do it…

You see, if you don’t do anything you will have nothing I say, it’s as simple as that. And I don’t steal stuff, I just call out through the microphone of my truck what I need, people come out of their houses themselves, some of them throw the stuff into my truck themselves, so what else do you need… you know?” •

Luc works successfully as a scrap iron dealer and an inventory seller. He is uneducated and never learned how to read or write. He has two sons and lives alternately in Belgium and in his second house in Thailand.

Maureen Bachaus

Maureen Bachaus enlightens social themes through personal perspective; her work is based on research of the personal thoughts of people from different cultures with different backgrounds.  Essential themes throughout Bachaus' work are the human psyche, the freedom of expression, the human identity. 

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