Kanye West A Punk

kanye west taylor swift Kanye West’s a punk. One of the hallmarks of maturity is keeping one’s mouth shut when things aren’t exactly going your way. Kanye West has shown us again he’s got some growing up to do with his vocal dissatisfaction with the results of The Grammy’s awarding best album of the year to the artist Beck. Proving that he learned nothing from his previous little tantrum over Taylor Swift’s receipt of a VMA award in 2009, (some people do some growing up in seven years), West made a stinky face and some nasty remarks when his own favorite, Beyonce, was passed up.

This editor remembers  the first time he saw West at one of those self congratulatory awards ceremonies Hollywood has every other week. West was being lauded for something or other, we don’t know, his talents are beyond our ken, but he bounded up on stage and began elaborating upon how much he deserved the tin trophy, how great and greatly under appreciated he and his talents were. Somehow he has managed to make a career of puffing himself up and having public tantrums when things aren’t going the way he’d hoped. That we, as an audience fund such juvenile antics show how far we’ve slipped in our own judgement.

The idolization of our rich for no other reason than that they are rich,  the backstabbing reality stars without scruples, the toilet humor that pervades entertainment and making celebrities of  those who show us the greatest cleavage indicates again how simple, as in simple minded we are. Once, our heros were humble, soft spoken yet still had the courage to stand up for what was right, some still do. Pouting about an awards ceremony doesn’t seem to rate, West may have talent but he’s no fast learner.

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