Psst, Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy A Secret?

fedcoin So for example you work for a small company whose negotiations with Walmart for a big order are about to cause a rise in the companies stock and you’d like to profit by some insider knowledge without running afoul of the SEC. What do you do? Simple, sell the info to Darkleaks, the new black market for ¬†information that pays you for all those dirty little secrets anonymously. Know that your neighbor is philandering and their spouse would pony up for that info? Darkleaks has a searchable¬†database that the spouse can use, paying for the info of course and you can rake in some shekels all the while sympathizing and condoling in whatever manner you deem appropriate. Got a hot tip for the Ruskies about a back door into the Crimea? That should be worth something. Want to help the Reds in China with some blueprints of the new laser defense shield being deployed in central California? Darkleaks has an app for that too.

Whether its a small salient bit or a big salty state secret, you can now leak it on Darkleaks and collect money for the deed. Developed to use the now universal, and more anonymous than a Swiss bank account, Bitcoin platform, the system encrypts and breaks into packets the information submitted and randomizes it before parsing it back to whoever is willing to pay for it. The leaker is protected, the payee is protected, the info is out there to be sold again and whether ones motives are as noble as Mr. Snowdens, (Get it through your thick heads you banner waving yoinks, calling out your government when it’s up to no good is not unpatriotic.), or as self serving as Kim Philby¬†you can peddle it to Darkleaks and get paid.

Look for the service to be short lived, it obviously has the potential for abuse, anyone want to know where Vanilla Ice really gets his furniture? But for now you can let something slip and get paid in Bitcoin, or the new digital currency Fedcoin the US government is implementing.

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