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apple carApple is taking preorders for its soon to be produced electric car. The energy efficient car will roll off the assembly lines in March of 2016 and features such innovative features as instant linking to all Apple IPhones, IPads and any other Apple product manufactured after June of 2014. Linking will permit the driver to use these devices for navigation, music, cell phone communication and entertainment. Apple has further plans to fully integrate its communication devices that may include hands free driving of the vehicle and an automatic shutdown for security and should owners fail to make payment.

The AppleCar is being produced in several iterations, a compact two door version whose design mimics the famed Mini Cooper only fatter and more squat, a four door minivan design roughly approximating the Scion, and a sporty model that is reminiscent of the classic Triumph TR3 that will come in all wheel drive. All three will originally be made in white only, with white interiors and a unique set of creamy white rubber tires. After the first year of sales Apple will release it’s vehicles in several pastel colors as well.

The cars have a nonreplaceable 24kw battery located in the floor pan of the vehicle, with an independent drive motors at each front wheel, one at each wheel for the four wheel drive version and are estimated to have a 185 mile range. Charging the car requires a proprietary coiled charging cord, stowed behind the front licence plate. Charging the vehicle must be done at a specialized Apple charging facility, the plug is different than most plugs in common use today and Apple claims the voltage is highly specialized but our tests indicated a more or less traditional 48 vdc was being used. ApplePay is accepted, and charging times are estimated to be in the range of 2 to 3 hours for a full charge from empty. Another proprietary twist was the use of the unique white tires which we found to be of a nonstandard 13.5 rim size and required 32 bead-locker bolts, each with a head shaped like the Apple logo, complete with bite. A special wrench is needed to both replace the tire and remove the wheel for flat repair.

Preorders are being accepted for the car, buyers must come up with the full purchase price, $218,000 and must sign a two year contract to have the vehicles maintained by Apple Store staff.

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