Head Transplant, Sign Us Up!

Bar RefaeliWith the recent news that it will be possible to have one’s head transplanted to a different body everyone from celebrities to the rich and famous are signing on for the procedure when it becomes available. Pamela Anderson has signed on for her head to be grafted to Kate Upton’s body should it become available, congressman Mitch McConnell is soliciting a new head from almost anyone but Yertle the Turtle and even Barack Obama has expressed an interest in obtaining Colin Kaepernick’s torso as he’s a big fan of the biceps and tats. Several physicians and clinics are taking advanced bookings for the procedure, subject to FDA approval, including the well respected Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr. Gabriel Chiu, who has been featured on the Discovery Channel. The clinic had actually been accepting applications for the procedure two years before the recent news articles, having a discriminating clientele that is well heeled and ahead of its time. It is rumored that French actor Gerard Depardieu was the first to request the operation while he was at the clinic having a rhinoplasty performed in an attempt to look more like his idol, Nick Nolte.

While the list of those interested in having the work done continues to grow, a large number of those interviewed had no desire to change things up that drastically, model/actress Bar Refaeli stating, “For the record, one doesn’t change perfect.”

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