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Well, if you’re so obsessed with being on the bleeding edge of technology that you simply must have the new Apple IWatch here’s an interesting factoid that might give you pause, besides the $17k price tag, there’s a rumor about that indicates the dang gadget might have a battery life of only three hours. And wait, there’s more! Apple will release a $34k version next week that only runs for an hour and a half and next month for $128k that stays lit for fifteen minutes. Hot on the heels of that news flash is the bulletin saying the ICar is gonna cost more and get less mileage too.
Doubtless these are exagerations and the little Dick Tracy gizmo will have some real functionality, although a screen smaller than a Chiclet seems a bit too little bit to an old person whose eyes are fading. It sure looks snazzy, hopefully anyone buying the thing doesn’t end up chewing their arm off in the morning to rid themself of the thing.
One can use the sun or stars to tell the time after all and doing so makes time that more meaningful. One can acertain the weather by sticking ones head out the window, check up on what a friend is doing by stopping by to see them, which beats tweets and emails by leaps and bounds, and one can get all the news they really need by keepin their mind open and mouth shut. (Or they can do the reverse and be a reporter for The Yellow Press!) So just another expensive bauble might not be the droid you are looking for.
We say wait like half a year for the knockoffs to roll out. If you still have gotta have one then, so be it. But avoid the buyers remorse till the battery life doesn’t keep you up nights winding the thing.

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