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Radio signals observed from outside our galaxy have been speculated to contain the first hard evidence that alien civilizations exist and they don’t appear friendly. As the science on earth has progressed our observational capabilities have expanded exponentially and beginning in 1981 we have been detecting strange radio signal bursts from outside our galaxy. Most of these observed signals are extremely short in duration and fall within the multiple of 187.5 range, a spectrum harmful to many living things but chiefly dangerous to mammals for their low cellular membrane resistance to the effects of the band. The 187.5 multiple was used in experiments by Dr. Joseph Mengele of Nazi¬†Germany and found to break down the molecular bonds unique to the cellular structure of mammals. The question arose in his research on twins, who seemed particularly susceptible, as to whether or not the frequency could be used as a weapon but the idea was rejected due to an incidence of widespread damage in one lab.

The signals from outside our galaxy began to appear shortly after early attempts to isolate the now detected Higgs boson and have shown a dramatic increase in the weeks following Fermilabs reproduction of the basic particle using the element cobalt as a containment vessel. Cern will endeavor to reproduce Fermilabs results when it ramps up sometime this summer. Most troubling is the fact that as the radio emission bursts have increased in number, so has also the accuracy of their beam. Originally covering about a 28 degree swath that only included our galaxy in it’s periphery, the bursts have now narrowed to about 7 degrees and our galaxy and solar system seems to lie at the center of it’s focus.

Also troubling is the location where the bursts originate. The area is extremely small, only a few kilometers in size, about the area covered by a large warehouse, and the energy directed is equivalent to about the output of our sun in a month. If the angle of projection were to continue to decrease, say to .004 degrees and our solar system remains at its’ focal point all life on earth would be severely impacted and mammalian life would be rendered extinct within a months time.

The explanations for the radio bursts have no known natural origin, and according to several researchers the odds against them being a result of background radiation or of another natural origin are about 5 in 10,000. One scientist has begun looking into the possibility that the signals may be a form of amplified bounceback from our own early transmissions and has uncovered some interesting correlations to the patterns of the broadcast experiments of Nicoli Tesla.

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