Reds Say Nuke Yellowstone

snidely whiplashNowhere on earth is a magma plume so large so precipitously close to the surface as the magma plume directly below Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Now the Russians want to bomb it. Scientists have been aware of the large pool of molten rock for decades and monitor its movements with the latest high tech gear available, note the surface near the potential epicenter has raised the surface of the earth in the area over eight inches in the last twenty years! While that may not seem like much in that amount of time from a geological standpoint it’s huge, and scary! Even the National Geographic covered the story.

Should the magma dome blow it would create a super-volcano unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed, think Pompeii on an  apocalyptic scale. Cows would be barbecued where they stand in the sagebrush within a five hundred mile radius. Birds and airplanes would be blown out of the sky, trout would boil in the rivers and few people like boiled fish, braised maybe but boiled, no thanks. And the damage would not be confined  to Wyoming, the ash plume would blanket the entire eastern seaboard in ash twenty feet thick. The United States would be incapacitated.

That’s the reasoning behind the Russian plan to detonate a thermonuclear device over the area. Vladimir Putin, upset over the impact American sanctions are having on the Russian economy solicited ideas for  actions that could be taken against the US should push come to shove. The idea to initiate the eruption of the massive magma plume was but one of many ideas the team talked about. Currently the plan has been tabled because doing so would constitute an outright declaration of war against the US and Putin would prefer to use other methods to gain his objectives. Research however is currently underway in Moscow to cloak the triggering of the eruption under the guise of either natural causes or to lay the blame at the feet of the US oil fracking activities, which are under fire for triggering several small quakes in areas unaccustomed to earthquake activity.

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